Violin Making Worshop of
Joanna PlÍs and Tomasz Linka

members of Polish Violin Makers Union,
in Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland.

      Lutherie is a special kind of art, where the working methods haven't changed for centuries. Among the instruments built within are violins, violas, violoncellos, double basses and early instrument such us viols, lutes and guitars.

      Skills needed for building instruments need to be very broad covering drawing, carving, and general feel of proportions. Experience is crucial and musical education is helpful when dealing directly with demanding players. Each instrument that violin maker creates is built with individual, personal approach therefore each instrument is unrepeatable. The wood (maple and spruce) has to season over very long time, and varnish, based on selected natural resins, is prepared by every master according to the own recipe, later to be applied by several thin, transparent coats.

      Prestigious international competitions, events organized around the world, are certain checkpoint for abilities of a maker. Among hundreds of instruments the few best are chosen which can meet demands of beauty of form and quality of sound. Instruments are thoroughly verified by jury that consists of famous violin makers and musicians.

      The workshop of Joanna PlÍs and Tomasz Linka produces instruments of the highest class, comparable only with those best ones.